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Major Events
DJ A Rich is a true maestro of entertainment, seamlessly blending his electrifying DJ sets with his expertise in broadcasting to create unforgettable experiences at festivals like Oktoberfest, major events, big expos, and concerts. With over 18 years of experience behind the mic, he knows just how to keep the audience engaged and energized throughout every moment of his performances.
In addition to festival performances, DJ A Rich is a proud participant in major events like the St. Patrick's Day parade in Denver, Colorado – one of the biggest celebrations of its kind in the country.

Moreover, DJ A Rich is a sought-after talent at big expos and concerts, where his unparalleled skill behind the turntables is matched only by his ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. His dynamic presence on the microphone ensures that there's never a dull moment.
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Sporting Events 

DJ A Rich is not just a DJ, but a beacon of positive energy and support for various charitable causes and events to promote health, fitness, and inclusivity. From events like Pedal for a Purpose, and GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge DASH for Down Syndrome to sporting events like 5K runs, DJ A Rich brings his signature high-energy music to uplift and inspire participants as they strive toward their goals.
At events for causes like Pedal for a Purpose and DASH for Down Syndrome, DJ A Rich's upbeat tunes create an atmosphere of celebration and unity, encouraging participants to push themselves to new heights while raising awareness and support for important causes. His music serves as a powerful motivator, fueling participants' determination and enthusiasm every step of the way.

During sporting events like 5K runs, DJ A Rich keeps the energy levels high and the spirits soaring with his infectious beats and lively commentary. Whether runners are crossing the finish line or gearing up for the race ahead, his music sets the perfect pace and creates a sense of camaraderie among participants. 

DJ A Rich provides the perfect soundtrack for fitness coaches as they lead workouts for attendees of all ages. From energetic cardio routines to relaxing yoga sessions, his diverse selection of music caters to a wide range of tastes and fitness levels, ensuring that everyone feels motivated and engaged throughout their workout.

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Special Occasions

For birthdays, DJ A Rich brings the party to life with a personalized playlist tailored to the guest of honor's tastes and preferences. Whether it's a milestone birthday or a themed celebration, he ensures that every moment is filled with excitement and unforgettable music.  

When it's time to bid farewell to a colleague or loved one at a retirement party, DJ A Rich sets the perfect tone with a mix of nostalgic classics and upbeat tunes, creating an atmosphere of joy and reflection as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. 
And for graduations, DJ A Rich knows how to keep the energy high and the spirits soaring as graduates celebrate their achievements and look forward to the future. From high school and college graduations to professional milestones, he provides the soundtrack for an unforgettable celebration that marks the culmination of years of hard work and dedication

No matter the occasion, DJ A Rich has you covered with his infectious enthusiasm, diverse musical repertoire, and unparalleled ability to create memorable experiences for all who attend. With DJ A Rich behind the turntables, your special occasion is guaranteed to be a hit!

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Coperate Events

Having DJ A Rich at your corporate events ensures a perfect balance of fun and professional energy, whether it's a lunch-in, a party, or team-building activities. With his extensive experience and expertise, A Rich knows how to create an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie, engagement, and enjoyment among attendees.
A Rich has a stellar track record of working with some of the biggest corporate companies in Colorado, including American Home Financing, BG Buildingworks, and MRBE. His ability to tailor his music selection and presentation style to match the specific needs and preferences of each client ensures that every corporate event exceeds expectations.
Whether it's setting the mood with background music during a lunch-in, keeping the energy high on the dance floor at a corporate party, or facilitating team-building activities with interactive music and games, A Rich brings a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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